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Video materials help link words with phrases So a person learns new meanings of words depending on the context. Almost every word in English can have different meanings.
Helps understand the hidden meaning, unobvious jokes, phraseological units You begin to memorize different meanings of words, as well as examples of their proper use depending on the context. You begin to understand the structure of the construction of sentences and can break them into parts.
Watching in English is an opportunity to hear a living speech In the process of watching there are a huge number of interesting idioms, verbal constructions, phraseological units. When a person watches a movie, he hears what actors say and learns to understand speech in life situations.
Improves pronunciation Even if you do not repeat the words, but just listen, as the heroes say, a person involuntarily remembers the pronunciation and, without even noticing, begins to imitate the intonation and speech of the actors.

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